MS 윈도우 10 버전 1909 새로운 기능, Windows 10, version 1909

Windows 10, version 1909
출시 날짜 : 2019년 11월 12일

New features in Windows 10, version 1909

As you begin to roll out this new update to your organization, here are some of the new, key features and enhancements that will allow you to benefit from intelligent security, simplified updates, flexible management, and enhanced productivity.
  • Calendar – You can now create new events in your Calendar app by clicking the date and time on the Taskbar.
  • Cloud Clipboard – Let’s face it, you work on multiple devices. With this feature enabled, you can copy text, links, graphics – just about anything! – from one device and paste it onto another. Or you can go back and view the history of what’s recently been copied. You can use Cloud Clipboard with either an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account or Microsoft Account (MSA).
  • CPU rotation – A CPU may have multiple “favored” cores. To provide better performance and reliability, we’ve implemented a rotation policy that distributes the work more fairly among the favored cores.
  • Digital assistants – Third-party digital assistants can activate above the Lock screen using your voice commands.
  • Reduced inking latency – We’ve reduced inking latency by basing latency on the hardware capabilities of the devices rather than the latency selected on typical hardware configuration by the OS.
  • Intel processor debugging – We’ve added additional debugging capabilities for newer Intel processors, for our OEM partners and hardware manufacturers.
  • Kiosk mode – Users can customize their experience in Kiosk mode, while keeping their devices locked down. For example, you can allow a user to switch to a different language while blocking access to network settings.
  • Microsoft BitLocker key rolling – BitLocker and Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Azure AD work together to protect your devices from accidental password disclosure. Now, a new key-rolling feature securely rotates recovery passwords on MDM-managed devices. The feature is activated whenever a BitLocker-protected drive is unlocked using Microsoft Intune/MDM tools or a recovery password. As a result, the recovery password will be better protected when users manually unlock a BitLocker drive.
  • Narrator – Narrator and other assistive technologies can now detect the location of the dedicated FN key, and determine if it is locked or unlocked.
  • Notifications – We’ve made several improvements to manage and configure notifications:
    • There is now a “Manage Notifications” button at the top of Action Center.
    • You can configure and turn off notifications directly from the notification, both from the banner and from Action Center.
    • The default sorting for notification senders will be by most recently shown notification, rather than sender name.
  • Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise in S mode – You can deploy and run traditional Win32 (desktop) apps without leaving the security of S mode by configuring the Windows 10 in S mode policy to support Win32 apps, then deploy them with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software such as Microsoft Intune.
  • Windows Defender Credential Guard – Windows Defender Credential Guard is now available for ARM64 devices, for additional protection against credential theft for enterprises deploying ARM64 devices in their organizations, such as Surface Pro X.
  • Windows Sandbox – Windows Sandbox is an isolated desktop environment where you can install software without the fear of lasting impact to your device. This feature is available in Windows 10, version 1903. In Windows 10, version 1909 you have even more control over the level of isolation.
  • Windows Search – The Search box in Explorer is now powered by Windows Search, allowing results to include online OneDrive content. Additionally, the results appear instantly as you type.

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