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IBM Mainframe JCL - Smart DFSORT Tricks PDF

Smart DFSORT Tricks PDF

Product documentation


Shows you clever ways to use DFSORT and ICETOOL to solve common problems.


The SORTTRCK paper shows you clever ways to use DFSORT and ICETOOL to perform the tasks listed below.

List of tricks
  • Introduction: Details of functions used in tricks
  • Introduction: PTF level of functions needed for tricks
  • Update count and total in existing trailer
  • Create large records from small records
  • Create small records from large records
  • Convert between different types of dates
  • Identify invalid dates
  • Extract corresponding weekdays from dates
  • Add/subtract days, months, years for date fields
  • Calculate days between two date fields
  • Use SET and PROC symbols in control statements
  • Limit included OUTFIL records
  • Join fields from two files on a key
  • Join fields from two files record-by-record
  • Cartesian join
  • Create files with matching and non-matching records
  • Sort detail records between headers and trailers
  • Add comma at end of all records except the last
  • Keep or remove the first and/or last records
  • Keep or remove specific relative records
  • Replace or remove strings anywhere in a file
  • Change all zeros in your records to spaces
  • Display the number of input or output records
  • Select n values for each key
  • Include or omit groups of records
  • Sort groups of records
  • Find dataset profiles with no access list
  • Find resource profiles with no access list
  • Report on GDG base limits
  • Copy GDGs created today
  • Copy GDG records in first in, first out order
  • Join records on a key with missing fields
  • Keep dropped duplicate records (XSUM)
  • Split a file to n output files dynamically
  • Five ways to split a data set
  • Set RC of 12, 8 or 4 if file is empty, has more than n records, etc
  • Find and extract values from different positions
  • Sum a number with a decimal point
  • Check for a numeric string
  • VB to FB conversion
  • FB to VB conversion
  • Extract and justify delimited fields
  • Squeeze out blanks or other characters
  • Add leading and trailing apostrophes
  • Deconstruct and reconstruct CSV records
  • Only include records with today's date
  • Include records using relative dates
  • Fields from different record types
  • Change a C sign to an F sign in PD values
  • Display SMF, TOD and ETOD date and time in readable form
  • Delete all members of a PDS
  • Create DFSORT Symbols from COBOL Copybook
  • Sample records
  • Insert date and time of run into records
  • Change uppercase to lowercase or lowercase to uppercase
  • RACF "SPECIAL" report with and without DFSORT symbols
  • Multiple output records from some (but not all) input records
  • Replace leading spaces with zeros
  • Generate JCL to submit to the internal reader
  • Totals by key and grand totals
  • Omit data set names with Axxx. as the high level qualifier
  • Dataset counts and space by high level qualifier
  • Delete duplicate SMF records
  • Sort ddmonyy dates
  • Turn cache on for all volumes
  • C/C++ calls to DFSORT and ICETOOL
  • REXX calls to DFSORT and ICETOOL
  • Concurrent VSAM/non-VSAM load
  • DCOLLECT conversion reports


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